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The Champions League of Advertising

Like a lot of football fans across Europe tonight I'm watching the Spurs Vs Ajax match. Like most sports, advertising and sponsorship play a huge role in revenue generation. The sport benefits with an injection of cash, and the advertiser a huge amount of exposure. This leads me onto my point. Gazprom. We've all seen their adverts, they've been part of the Champions League experience for a number of years now... but I've still to meet someone who gets their energy from them in the UK.

When communication is everything but...

Working in a marketing environment for as long as I can remember you quickly come to the realisation that communication is everything. When smartphones became mainstream last decade news flow has progressively got quicker and quicker, and for the most part that is a good thing. However as an avid fan of Game of Thrones and the Marvel cinematic universe I feel like I'm the only person who has not seen the latest releases of either and find myself avoiding people and websites that discuss them. Hopefully come the weekend I'll have caught up on both, fingers crossed there's no spoilers until then, I live in hope.

Cameron Talks at SEO Conference

Cameron has been invited to talk at the prestigious "Great SEO" event being held in London on the 22nd of August. In his speech he will be taking about the main ranking factors at play today and paying special attention to content building, links and RankBrain. This event will be attended by industry leaders and influencers, many of whom have worked with Cameron in the past and have seen their online businesses grow exponentially over the past few years with his help. Although not everyone is able to make the even we will be adding a link to his presentation shortly after the even, and will have an online Q&A session with Cameron and his team shortly afterwards.

The route to top ranking

Where do you start in the world of SEO. You may be fortunate, you may not need any help, but where do businesses go when they need help optimising their website in order to improve their organic search results? That's where Cameron McLuckie and his team of digital content specialists come in. We've helped businesses large and small build their online presence through link building, building relevant content and our experience of working in the industry gives you a significant advantage over your competitors. From consultancy services, to fully managed online control we can help you deliver the service and content your customer's demand, and help take your online business to the next level. Contact us today to discuss your needs.