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Cameron McLuckie Plays Wicks Bounty

Wick's Bounty found its way onto Fortnite recently. Watch as Cameron plays his way through this mode. Very hard to get the victory in this mode but doesn't stop me from trying. If you like these videos please visitng my channel at  Cameron McLuckie Youtube or visit my channel at  Cameron McLuckie

Fortnite: Contrails in slipstream?

Playing Fortnite tonight I came across an interesting glitch. Gliding down from the battle bus I decided to go straight into a slipstream instead of landing at Tilted Towers and my contrails continued to show throughout my journey as shown in the video above. I'm still looking for my first win in season 9, so would've preferred to have won instead of finding this glitch, but not to worry. Thanks Cameron

McLuckie plays Fortnite Season 9

After the last video ending Fortnite Season 8 it would be very rude of me not to have an introduction to season 9 in Fortnite.  Hope you all enjoy - Cameron

Last day of Fortnite season 8

Look, nobody has ever said to me, "Cameron McLuckie" you're a good gamer, and I'm not one for recording myself playing games however after watching Liverpool's 4-0 against Barcelona, I decided to have a late night shot of Fortnite once everyone was in bed. Got to say, I thought I done ok, especially the 240m kill with a bow and arrow.

In Good Kompany

Vincent Kompany then. What a goal against Leicester. It would be a cruel twist of fate if City were to lose the title now after that goal. Stranger things have happened though.

Avengers End Game

Staying on the theme of Avengers End Game, why didn't Doctor Strange simply put Thanos into the mirror dimension in the first movie? Would that not have saved a lot of hassle and saved the universe from being culled?

Cameron McLuckie, God of Thunder?

My family are huge fans of the Marvel cinematic universe, religiously going to each and every one of them. A few movies so my young son gave me the most scathing compliment I've ever had in my life... "Dad, you look just like Thor, without the hair, the torso, or the hammer". Let that one sink in. Well son, the jokes on you. After seeing Avengers End Game I can now confirm me and Thor do indeed have the same torso. Go me.